Seneca Hospitality owns, develops, and operates food, beverage, nightlife entertainment concepts.

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Our Story

Founded in Miami, FL

Our leadership team came together because of our love of hospitality. No other industry is as exciting. Each of us has worked practically every front-line position in hospitality. The diversity of the industry presents countless opportunities. Seneca Hospitality Group seizes those opportunities.
Through market research and operational expertise, Seneca Hospitality Group creates concepts that fulfill the needs of the local market. It is a key component of hospitality to let the local area and culture shine.
Our core team of executives has worked together to help build impactful brands and concepts. They held executive positions as operators, marketers, and chefs. Now they join forces again as executives and partners at Seneca, combining their operating talents with the entrepreneurial, operating, and financing expertise of Clout Capital

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